Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sketch Dump

Just some randoms from the past couple weeks:

Me and my a nutshell.

Playing around with different headshapes.

Messing around with different styles.

I like looking around a room full of people, finding a certain pose/angle that is visually interesting, and completely making up a doodle based on that.

I like this guy's hair.

A depressed Gorgon.

Scott Bakal came to the SCAD illustration department to have a presentation, because apparently he is one of the candidates for working at SCAD. I couldn't resist drawing him during his presentation, for he had a very animated & distinct face. As an illustrator, he has a very good sensitivity to color, shapes, and texture. -Do- check out his stuff!


Shiho (Shippo) Hoshino said...

i love your scott bakal caricature! everything is sooo him!

Yukiko Adachi said...

Thanks! He just had one of those interesting faces that was really easy to capture.