Friday, February 29, 2008


At his workshop, James Jean talked about the importance of being able to draw hands. I know it's not one of my forte's, so I decided to do a bunch of studies on hands. I had so much fun, I ended up doing 12 pages in one day. Here are a few:

Hands are so strange. They stop looking like hands while you're drawing them, but once you leave, come back and look at them, they look like hands again.

Happy Leap Day everyone!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Circus & Caricature of Me!

I thought it would be fun to make a little gif animation of how my final piece progresses--and figured I might as well post it up here:

(please give it a sec for the gif to load)
Here is the final product:

The following were used: concentrated dyes, bleach, color pencils, lighter fluid, & acrylic paint pens.


Today in the Art of Caricature class, we had two caricaturists come in to do demos: Jeremy Townsend and Justin Galloway. It was phenomenal to see them bust out great line drawings one after another without any sketch lines.
Jeremy drew me!

(the actual paper's not yellow, it's just a bad quality photo)
I definitely learned a lot from just watching them draw-- They're living proof that, like with anything else, the only way to get better is to draw, draw, and draw some more.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fanboy & Fangirl Time Galore.

Over the past two days, my friends and I went up to Atlanta to participate in the SCAD Illustration & Comic Arts Forum. It was amazing, definitely worth the 4+ hour ride.

On Thursday night there was a lecture by 2 comic artists (Eric Canete & Andrew Robinson) and 2 illustrators (Yuko Shimizu & James Jean). I was especially psyched about seeing the latter two because they're some of the most influential and successful contemporary illustrators that I know of. It was thrilling to see them talk about their work in person.

On Friday I attended a workshop by James, in which he colored a simple pencil line drawing using Photoshop. I was amazed to see that for someone who has such great color sensitivity and intricacy in little details, he didn't use any more than like 5 layers. (Granted, it was a quick exercise piece for a demo--but still.) He also used some Photoshop effects that someone could easily call "tacky" (i.e. gradient overlay), but he used them well-- I would never have guessed just by looking at his finished. It further emphasizes that "it's not about what tools the artist uses, but HOW he uses them."

Anyway, I was a little fangirl and I got my sketchbook signed by Yuko & James:

They were nice enough to top them off with a little doodle!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Modernized & Urbanized

Little Red Riding Hood.

The wolf is going to be a creepy hobo.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Attack of the Frombies!!!!

Last fall I came up with a concept for a Halloween ornament line called the Frombies® (Okay, it's not really a registered trademark.... but it looks cool with that logo, no?).
Basically they are half eaten fruits that turned into zombies, and roam around the house at night seeking revenge on humans. Yeah, a little gory for my taste or style, so I knew I had to make it really goofy.

Here is the product sheet of all the fruits I designed:

I had so much fun with this piece, I actually made a sculpey model for the Apple Frombie:

Not the best lighting, but I like that position. Here is another:

Sculpting is not really my thing, but I enjoyed it regardless.

Now, if anybody wants to actually turn the Frombies into a line of characters.... send all checks to "Yukiko Adachi" please, I'm ready for my million dollars...*sigh*

Monday, February 18, 2008

Zoo Color Comps & Genevieve Kote

Here are the color comps that I had whipped up in Photoshop for the zoo mural art.

I ended up picking the bottom left colors for the final piece, which was done in concentrated dyes, gouache & color pencils. I think color comps are a great way to lay out any value/hue issues before getting to the final. In this particular piece I only varied the background color because I decided to keep the animals colors naturalistic (so there were no confusion as to what was what).


The illustrator link of the day is Genevieve Kote, who is from Quebec City. She does a lot of freelance stuff, mainly for publications. I just love the whimsical characters, well-planned composition, and bright color schemes that she executes in her illustrations. She also has a great ability to depict any situation in a light-hearted, yet not overly-comical way.

She also has a flickr which has more up-to-date sketches &pieces.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Update & Archived Portraits

My Portfolio Site has been updated! 2 pieces each are added under Illustration and Portraits, so feel free to check them out! As always, any input/comments are much appreciated.

I retired 4 pieces from under Portraits, simply because they're pretty old (made around fall 05 - spring 06), plus I don't feel like they necessarily represent my current style. I'm dumping them here though for archival sake.

Mr. Bean; oil on CP illustration board.

The governator; oil on CP illustration board.

Danny Elfman; ink on HP illustration board.

George Lucas; gouache & color pencils on CP illustration board.
^ This was my VERY first time using gouache..ever! Now it's one of my favorite media.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Another Silver!

My Robbie Williams piece won another Silver! This time at the Savannah ADDY's, for a student category Elements of Advertising: Illustration. Hooray!


I'm dumping a bunch of random doodles I've been compiling over the past few days. The reason they're so yellow-ish is because I'm having troubles with my scanner, so I just photographed them instead:

^ I really like this last one. I'm working on a mural concept for a circus, so I'm going to try to integrate him somewhere!

Sunday, February 10, 2008



My Sketch Blog is now @! The old URL ( should still work, but it will be in the previous boring template (with the subdirectory link Blogger doesn't let me customize the layout of the page... which is random and lame).
*edit* I deleted the old URL.

Anyway, if everybody could re-link me I'd appreciate it!

P.S. I'm -hoping- to update my main site with new work + info by the end of the month... so stay tuned.

Saturday, February 9, 2008


A week-old doodles that I've been meaning to scan in. I have a ton more doodles AND finished pieces that I need to post. I will probably add stuff to my main site before the month ends.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Weee! Huh?

I think it's really important for any artist to take a break from their current projects/assignments, and doodle things that have absolutely nothing to do with anything.

By the way, my boyfriend Sean Cooley has revamped his portfolio site at Ardour Designs. He's a graphic designer and has a completely different style than mine, but is super talented so I thought I'd show him off. So yeah, check it out!