Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot Air Balloonin'.

So, more than a month ago I started brewing some ideas for a new promo card piece:

I picked the last sketch and worked right up to the color comp stage, but didn't get around to starting on the final until two days ago:

I tried to keep everything fairly loose, as far as coloring went.

Almost always I scan in piece and tweak the raw piece in Photoshop:

Most times I do simple color adjustments and clean-up, but I wasn't too happy with how the blue in the balloon came out so I fixed that.

Anyway, here is the final:

Media: ink dyes and color pencils on CP watercolor paper, gin*** + Photoshop.
****I often use lighter fluid to smooth out the color pencil markings (it melts the wax). However, today I couldn't find any so I used gin as a replacement. :x It worked okay but definitely not up to par with lighter fluid, hence the Photoshopping.