Thursday, September 20, 2007


Wow, I have been terrible at updating this blog. Classes for fall quarter just started last week, and hopefully that will help me produce artwork more consistently.

Here's something from Illustration for the Retail Market, which is a new class in the department. Basically I get to come up with ideas for random holiday merchandise, home decor... anything that makes the consumers go crazy with their money. The first assignment is a Christmas item, and this is one of the concepts that I've come up with:

Just some of the random doodles and sketches.

I really liked this one so I decided to color it:

Nothing spectacular, just straight up character design. I like coming up with little back stories for my characters though (which is what we're SUPPOSED to be doing for this kind of stuff): The girl (no names yet) likes to make her lil brother help her find Christmas presents around the house... yes, little mischievous guys they are. The lil bro is very clumsy and always ends up getting them in trouble.

Yeah, this is the kind of stuff I daydream about during lecture classes! Oh well, I may or may not end up using these little guys for my final presentation.. we'll see.

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