Sunday, June 17, 2007

Skate Deck Art

I've been meaning to make more posts here but life got in the way... and by life, I mean summer vacation! Yay! I've actually been doing work---an internship with Marcus Kenney, and doing a lot of paintings.

Here is one that I worked on for the first week of June. It's for the Go Skate Deck Art Show at Doo Gallery in Atlanta. Unfortunately the show opening is on June 23, two days after I leave to go back to Japan-- which means I'm not gonna be able to make it. However, my good pal/fellow artist Thom Foolery will be there (he's the one that told me about this show), and knowing him I know he'll take lots of pictures!

Here's a detail of the back (well, I guess "top"):

It's based on a random doodle that I did during art history class some time last month:

Usually I dig the sketch more than the actual piece, but in this case I'm actually really satisfied with the final. I think I picked a good muted color scheme for it. I can't wait for it to be all hung up at the show!

Oh yeah, this is done in acrylics.

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