Monday, January 4, 2010

Jonas Brothers : The T-shirt

Two summers ago, inspired by Camp Rock, I did a doodle of the Jonas Brothers on a napkin.

About a year later, two Texan girls, Allie and Katlyn, contacted me asking if they could use my design for a T-shirt for a JB concert in Houston on August 14th.

After a little negotiation of this and that, I gladly said yes and cleaned up my doodle into a cleaner design (with updated hairstyles lol):

Here's them with Tony Oller♥♥♥

I know this is a mega belated post--- but thank you girls for loving my design so much! Hopefully someday I can go to a Jonas Brothers concert too!

Happy 2010 by the way, and congrats Kevin on getting married!


lurvjessica said...

your blog is so cute! mind if I follow you?

Allie said...

thank you so much again for letting us use your design!!
<3 allie and katlyn