Thursday, December 27, 2007

Posh & First Illustrator Link!

Here are some recent doodles. There are actually more (and of better quality), but I'm going to hold on posting those til I turn them into actual illustrations.

I drew these while I was accidentally locked out of my friend's apartment. Sitting in that hallway somehow helped me get my creative juices flowing, but not enough for anything superb. I was hungry.

I then decided to take a walk to a nearby park, and drew this while sitting on a bench:

The middle face is supposed to be Posh Spice, but I had no reference.... so I don't know.


ALSO I decided that this sketchblog is a good place for me to post up links of illustrators/other art-related things. Here is a link for my favorite children's book illustrator, いもとようこ(Yoko Imoto). Her site may be kind of hard to navigate for those that don't understand Japanese, so the link goes straight to her illustrations.

While I can't say I'm super familiar with every book she's ever illustrated, I love her distinct style-- the way she's able to make everything seem warm and fluffy through her color schemes and textures. I'm totally going to buy her 2008 calendar. I mean, how can you not love this??

Here is one of a book I actually own:

I guess my parents bought this for my sister and I when we were little. It's been hidden in our bookshelf for quite some time (20 years?) til I found it recently and realized how amazing the illustrations are. Anyway, enough talkin', check out her stuff.

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Shiho (Shippo) Hoshino said...

i love her stuff too!
i also love your doodle of the sunglass girl:)